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1. August 2015 By Walter Price 0

Happy Birthday Global Texan

Global Texan Chronicles

artwok by Matt Adams

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Dear Global Texan Chronicles the best music website only the coolest music lovers know about, Happy Birthday to you…. August 2013 I switched gears from my life in the radio business to a more relaxed and honest way of talking about and sharing true music. I’m rooted in the past but thrive for more up and coming sounds as well. The artists who haven’t been picked apart or over produced by the industry machines. This is where you find people going head first daring and usually no restrictions. There is real possibility in these artists and it is the future. Has always been and with the ever changing atmosphere in music business it is hard to really tell who will be the next big thing. So forget about it and just enjoy and support real music being made by real artists and don’t forget to rock or country, polka, Tejano, pop, blues or whatever moves you. And Thank You for making the first two years of Global Texan Chronicles a real blast. We love you and don’t forget to check out The GTC special contributors.They’re all in the business in one form or the other and their love of music shines bright in their passion for realness in sounds. (Maria HaskinsAlle RoyaleJ.P. Kallio – Ken Michaels – Marc Griffiths – Luisa Black & Claudia Price – A. Michael Uhlmann -Jenafur Schlangen) Here’s To Another Year, Cheers, -Walter Price