In Cas Of
31. July 2015 By Walter Price 0

Leipzig Sounds

In Cas Of

In Case Of
foto by Redhead Photography

by Walter Price


I often refer to Leipzig, Germany as the Austin, TX of Germany. There are several reasons, thoughts including the food culture (beer & meat), people let people be the people they are, outdoor activity is a way of life with all the parks, hiking and so much water and the variety of music. A music scene that flourishes in varied directions metal, country, pop, rock and all things in-between. A scene that moves along hand in hand with the thriving art communities that have spawned some truly great sounds and gives good reason to venture out at night to see what’s next. But since you live where you’re at, here are 3 acts you should get to know.


In Case Of

In Case of


Not long ago I got to see the start of something terrific manifesting in the German rock landscape. A new-ish band without a label, recording or even a proper website (the humanity) tear the roof off Werk 2 venue Leipzig, DE.

The band has done their homework; they have built a live show that can only be imagined by seasoned pros. In Case Of (Steve, Flo, Benny, Marcel & Daniel) bleed a certain brand of party rock that is careful not to crossover into redundant dribble that you hear littering the airwaves.


In Case Of: Facebook / YouTube


Jody Cooper

jody cooper

foto by Walter Price


Jody Cooper is a singer/songwriter I literally just happen to meet wallking the streets of Leipzig. Based in Germany this UK musician has a powerful vocal style and lyrics that could call most genres home.

As we get to know Cooper better have a look at his street version of “The Rain” from his second album Growing Up.


Jody Cooper: Facebook / Website / Twitter / Bandcamp


Elfi Aldinger

Elfi & The Moony Tunes

foto by Walter Price


Elfi is a true delight. I was walking through Leipzig city center looking for something new, a new voice and before I could see her I heard a voice from up ahead. A powerful soulful pop edged sound.. Likened to Sheryl Crow or even Bonnie Rait. I was surprised in who I saw delivering this ear catching music right there in the streets of the city I call home. A woman who you’d guess at first would produce pixieish tunes or perhaps some sort of sadcore but no, Aldinger was busking in the streets belting out solid bluesy numbers and I had the chance to film this one.


Elfi Aldinger: Website