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The Best of Spotify June 2018: Johnny Conqueroo – Haint Blue EP

Haint Blue by Johnny Conqueroo is available on iTunes.

haint blue

by Walter Price


Your Spotify playlist is about to get whole lotta psych-rock thicker.

A while back I wrote about Lexington, KY’s garage rockers, Johnny Conqueroo and their single “Brick”, saying. “brilliant garage rock outfit riding nostalgic sounds someplace between the Stooges and The Knack with hints of funky Southern flare.”. I still stand by those words but now the band is out with vast new EP called ‘Haint Blue’ and I may have previously simplified what these guys are laying down.

The EP does kick things off in thunderous fashion with that before mentioned single, but then things become deeper and wider than I was expecting. Some of the most intricate songwriters cocooned in a fascinating blend of rock. You’ll find odes to the 60’s blues explosion, hints of punk, and a dose of dirty swingin’ psych flavor. Culminating in the some of the most titillating sounds you’ll find to fuel your summer beach blanket bingos.

And if you’re asking where the ghost is at, look no further than the final, title track. This bookend is as haunting as they come. Deep, rich anticipation building and scratching its way into your psyche. It’s an instrumental, so add your own ghoulish story.


Grant Curless – Wils Quinn,- Shawn Reynolds

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Filmed and edited by Jack Dunavant
Created by: Jack Dunavant and Johnny Conqueroo


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