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Your Summer Sounds Like: Dangermaker’s Adam Brookes – “All I Got Is You”

Adam Brookes is available on Bandcamp.

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by Walter Price



San Francisco’s Adam Brookes has never been an artist easily pigeonholed. He’s increasingly on quests to expand his ranges. Whether it’s with his arena-worthy band Dangermaker or if he’s lending his production skills to side projects like The North Face. But now, the prolific artist is out with a new solo project. The first single, “All I Go Is You”, is less vast Arctic Monkeys type rock and more akin to airy Spandau Ballet synth-pop (with his signature  Northern California flair, of course).

In a prepared statement passed along to the GTC, Brookes explained this brilliant new direction, “Sometimes I write big, lush sounding rock songs that suit a full band like Dangermaker, and well sometimes I don’t. Over the past few years, I’ve accumulated a nice pile of the ones that don’t, so I’ve created a little separation to experiment with a lighter, more minimal electronic sound to bring them to life. No one else has touched these songs, so it really is a solo effort in all respects. I took some inspiration from the likes of indie hybrids like The Raveonettes, The Kills, or The Crocodiles, that sort of washy indie guitar pop but with hip-hop beat production.

“I’ve recorded and arranged in such a way that I can perform them solo as well, but still fill out the sound with electronic drums and synths beyond the expected acoustic singer-songwriter approach. It’s been a learning process that actually began with some commissioned hip-hop music I did for The North Face, and seeing how much I can self-produce start to finish. I’ve always demoed song ideas that way, but in this case, producing final mastered tracks was a bigger challenge. I read a lot of audio blogs. So while Dangermaker figures out what we’re doing with our new album, it’s a good time for me to put this out and see what happens, I’m happy with how it’s all turning out and anxious to get it out there, I think some people will be surprised and hopefully like it.”

As you’re building your most perfect summer playlist, put some Adam Brookes in it…You’ll thank me and then yourself on repeat. “All I Got Is You” is available via Breakup Records.



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