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FULL THROTTLE: Criminal Kids – “Outcast” (‘S/T’ EP) + Matt Torres directed video

Criminal Kids – ‘S/T’ EP out July 2018 via  Spaghetty Town Records.

criminal kids


by Walter Price


Trying to figure out how to kick your summer into full throttle, Chicago’s Criminal Kids have your elixir. Kickin’ out the thrash someplace between Zeke and Supersuckers, they’re new single “Outcast” is an examination of the arrogance of the haves and the fuck yous of the have-nots. Or perhaps, the age-old tale of  ‘we’re all the same even if from the opposite side of town, so why are you being such a dick’ made famous in all those saccharin John Hughs films.

I ain’t like you
but we breathe the same air
ain’t go no trust fund money
got no throne to heir

well you’re headed up north
guess I’ll stay down south
well, we breathe the same air
through different mouths

you think you know it all
how life ain’t fair
hows a little danger baby?
I’ll run my switchblade through your hair

Obviously, CM takes more of a hardcore approach to these dichotomies. “Outcast” is brilliant punk attitude with good ol’ dirty rock n roll flavor. And let’s be honest, at times punk and/or thrash lyrics can be cheap if not silly. CM, on the other hand, uses the art of blatant songwriting flawlessly in crafting this blistering commentary.

You can check out the Matt Torres directed video below.



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Director: Matt Torres
Director of Photography: Glo Han Choi

Producer: Matt Torres
Camera Ops: Glo Han Choi / Matt Torres
Editor: Matt Torres
Production Assistant: Damian Falkowski
Production Assistant: Zachary Share
Production Assistant: Marlene Lopez


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