Johnny Conqueroo
17. April 2018 By Walter Price 0

FRESH SOUNDS: Johnny Conqueroo – “Brick” (single/video)

Johnny Conqueroo – Brick is available on iTunes.

Johnny Conqueroo

by Walter Price


Straight outta Lexington, KY is a brilliant garage rock outfit riding nostalgic sounds someplace between the Stooges and The Knack with hints of funky Southern flare. This band is Johnny Conqueroo. Great name that immediately lets you know these cats are in it for a good time and want to share the vibes with you. And their new single “Brick” is a swiveling hip provoking rocker that would have been right at home in the 70’s NYC underground scene. Handclaps, organ, and lyrics that will give Cage the Elephant a run for their money. If “Brick” doesn’t make you bounce…you’re probably dead inside.



Grant Curless – Wils Quinn,- Shawn Reynolds

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Filmed and edited by Jack Dunavant
Created by: Jack Dunavant and Johnny Conqueroo


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