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GTC Weekly Top Ten 27 October 2014

“I don’t know why I’m particularly known for just being the Cream, the bass player from Cream, because even with that band I was writing pretty different kind of stuff as well, like “We’re Going Wrong” or whatever. As you said, they’re not exactly straight ahead rock songs. But yeah, it’s just the tradition of me. That’s what I do. I like diversity in music. I mean, it’s no one thing. It’s a lot of things.” Jack Bruce

Rock.I.P. Jack Bruce 


Jubilee Riots Penny Black albumWe would like to thank Jubilee Riots, The Violent Years, The Tropics and Holiday Sidewinder for taking time out of their Rock N’ Roll schedules to chat with us about all things their music and goings on. All of you are making the world of sounds better places to be.

This past week we also soaked up the facts that Dwight Yoakam is still hillbilly deluxe, Roger Daltrey has a confusing point, Colin Meloy hits the streets, J.P. Kallio may be the professor of music advice, we agree with Thurston Moore, The Blank Tapes/Roaring 420’s will be too high in Europe, The Picturebooks are all kinds of hell yeah!, Johnny Marr is right on and Glen Campbell is still and will always be amazing. Google time.

How was your week?

.Big Love Bubbles to You for stopping by this past week to check out the best music being made by the coolest artist roaming the planet… Thank You Maria Haskins (from Rock And Roll) for sharing with us your killer rock reviews. Cheers

Here is what was read the most this past week by you or someone else.Your GTC Weekly Top Ten 20 – 26 Oct 2014…

  1. Jubilee Riots Penny Black
  2. Catching Up w/ The Violent Years
  3. Review: Blues Pills – ‘Blues Pills’
  4. Chuck Berry Rockin’ 88
  5. The Tropics – ‘Fireproof’
  6. J.P. Kallio – ‘You and I
  7. Rich Girls: Fiver
  8. 2014 Major Label Problems
  9. Cobra Ramone – ‘No Good’
  10. Holiday Sidewinder


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