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24. October 2014 By Walter Price 0

Cobra Ramone – ‘No Good’

Cobra Ramone the albumFeatured Artist: Cobra Ramone

Cobra Ramone, Trevor Snakedust, Pat Steward


Vancouver based open mystery that is Cobra Romane brings the senses to almost earthquake trembles with her lusty, gritty and soulful bluesy Rock N’ Roll. Her storied life played out in song for the world to touch and feel. ‘No Good’ is taken from 2012’s self titled album of wall to wall intrigue and whisky stained darkness and writhing in the sweat of introspective visions.

Not long ago Cobra & Trevor spoke to the GTC about fascinations and limits when writing. “I’ve always had a fascination with the apocalypse. It’s a regular theme in my writing whether as a metaphor or literally about the world ending. Trevor and I were both raised Roman Catholic which is something neither of us identify with anymore, but that idea of a religious Armageddon (and a resentment of lingering “Catholic Guilt”), has stuck with me. I think there’s a really dangerous sadness and beauty in the idea of our morals and choices being the cause of a global torment.  “The Flood” is pretty literal. I wanted the chorus’ to be jarring and uncomfortable and to sound like fire. “So Quiet” is very dark…a young couple committing suicide to escape an imminent apocalypse. I see the images of fires and helicopters and this beautiful innocence slipping into a big, black lake in my head every time I sing it.”

Trevor added,”I don’t think anything is off limits for anyone involved with creative expression. That’s what playing music and being in a band should be about. Everyone in a band has something to say and music gives us the platform to say what we want whether through lyrics or melodies or just pure emoting. I think a lot of the stuff we write about is meant to get a reaction out of people. Good, bad, happy, sad etc. If the story is engaging and creates a reaction then we’ve done our job. But I’m frightened of spiders and old people.”

Cobra Ramone is in the process of furthering her (their) Rock N’ Roll quest, you can help. Check out their IndieGoGo campaign HERE. They’d do the same for you….

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