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17. November 2014 By Walter Price 0

GTC Weekly Top Ten 17 November 2014

“I learnt you don’t want a large record advance because that means a large debt if you don’t recoup. Now I like to live on a shoestring making the record, sell it for not an enormous amount Global Texan Chronicles Horny Cowand recoup larger sums from the royalty rates.” – John Lydon


Right, being saying it for years John…No one listens and then they cry foul…

Another week has slipped into the sunset and the holidays and end of year are near. Which means The GTC Readers Poll is coming! Keep your eyes peeled. It has been another great year for music and you will have a chance to make your voice heard!

Be sure you pan right and check out our podcast featuring Faz Waltz and a whole slew of cool Rock N’ Roll from around the planet (Earth). New edition coming very soon…

How was your week?

Thanks for stopping over last week to check out all the coming and goings, rants and music discoveries we had the pleasure of sharing with you.

Have a gander at what was read the most or accidentally clicked on while looking for pictures of Kimberly Kardashian’s greased-up rump roast this past week. The internets should be ashamed of itself…Your GTC Weekly Top Ten 10 – 16 November 2014

  1. Every Little thing w/ Ken Michaels
  2. Catching Up w/ The Violent Years
  3. Don’t Be A Turd
  4. Review: Eamonn Dowd – ‘A Hundred Croaked Roads’
  5. Review:  Ragdoll – ‘Ragdoll Rewound’
  6. Andrea Schroeder – ‘Until the End’
  7. Jubilee Riots Penny Black
  8. The Church –‘Pride Before A Fall’
  9. Rediscovering ‘If I Were A Carpenter’
  10. Folk Hero John Lydon


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  3. Australia
  4. UK
  5. Spain
  6. Norway
  7. France
  8. Ireland
  9. Italy
  10. Sweden

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