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4. November 2014 By Walter Price 0

Andrea Schroeder – ‘Until The End’

The lyrics always give room for own interpretations, I never want to explain to much. So the listener can find her/his very own meaning and story in it. Poems shall get a live on their own, far away from the writer. It is always fascinating how everyone is interpreting the song according Andrea Schroederto their emotional needs. It makes me glad and thankful. – Andrea Schroeder (rockobrobje)

Featured Artist: Andrea Schroeder

Andrea Schroeder, Jesper Lehmkuhl, Catherine Graindorge, Mike Straus, Dave Allen, Chris Hughes


Where the Wild Oceans End (Glitterhouse) by German singer/songwriter Andrea Schroeder is hands down one of the best achievements from any artist of any genre this year.

Andrea Schroeder’s smokey shadowed corners collection stands out In a field of neo-hip-hop-pop hybrids and over the-the-top-produced dance tracks filling the airwaves; Schroeder rides a different wave. A somewhat darker around the crests and troughs, emotion filled experience and it’s her voice, it changes everything.

andrea-schroeder where the wild oceans end.

Where the Wild Oceans End

This poet’s 2nd album, Where the Wild Oceans End, is carefully crafted with Schroeder’s ability to feel each verse she assembles and subsequently covey the experiences and guided by the production talents of Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts) it is an album that is beyond anything else in its classification.

The sultry and passively demanding delivery from the songstress is near relentless; the soundtrack from the superb band digs, swells then allows you near tactile participation as you travel the tales. If you close your eyes and let the music fill the corners of your mind you can easily hear the Norwegian coast softly calling. Maybe find yourself lurking in late night black & white films of days and characters past.

Haunting and thrilling, seductive and inviting Andrea Schroeder isn’t your everyday pop-star. She moves in a different ways, astonishing courses. There is some sort of historic atmosphere about Schroeder.

Cases in point, Schroeder has just released a new single, Until the End, form the album and the accompanying video is beyond compelling, it’s brilliantly absorbing in style. Stimulating and near trance inducing. Absolutely mind blowing in design. As if the images and track were born simultaneously. Meant to be.



10.11.2014 Koblenz (D) Cafe Hahn

11.11.2014 Mannheim (D) Alte Feuerwache

19.11.2014 Hannover (D) Faust

20.11.2014 Potsdam (D) Waschhaus

21.11.2014 Dresden (D) Beatpol

26.11.2014 Essen (D) Zeche Carl

09.12.2014 Ljubljana (Sl) Cankarjev Dom

10.12.2014 Wien (A) Akzent Theater

13.12.2014 Berlin (D) Frannz Club

17.12.2014 Zürich (CH) Exil

18.12.2014 Stuttgart (D) Theaterhaus


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