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…will you live, FIRE TIGER Reunion from Hell

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Reunion from Hell

by Walter Price

Arguably the world’s favorite time-warping rock band Fire Tiger has dropped the lead soundtrack single “Reunion from Hell” from the film sequel of the same name (trailer)…and, of course, it’s a new wave-era gem. Replete with vocalist extraordinaire Tiff Alkouri’s signature tempting delivery, raindrop keys by co-writer James Ramsey, dancefloor-ready groove from Jordan Lucas, Tyler Renga, Lorenzo Meynard, and for the win…Robert Schlaudecker’s sassy sax solo. 100% Fire Tiger!

About the Hayden Newman/Sam Hodge-directed slasher film, according to IMDb, “Picking up two years after the events of the first film, we follow Riley Conner and his friends as they leave to celebrate Christmas at a secluded cabin in the mountains after an anonymous tip providing Riley’s home address was given to an ambitious reporter who has written a book about the events of the first film entitled “Terror In Pine Valley” and will go to any length to get a statement from Riley. Upon arriving at the cabin, Riley is met with some familiar faces. However, someone is out there watching and waiting to kill again, but the question is who could it be? This is going to be one hell of a Christmas reunion.”

If you’re a fan of nail-biting suspense and Fire Tiger’s wicked retro pop-rock sound, then stream “Reunion from Hell” and see the single’s music video, here at the GTC.

FIRE TIGER Reunion from Hell

Band photo and artwork via Facebook // Film synopsis via IMDb // Lyrics via YouTube

Song by Tiffany Alkouri and James Ramsey

Band: Tiff Alkouri (vocals)
James Ramsey (keys)
Jordan Lucas (guitar)
Tyler Renga (bass)
Lorenzo Meynardi (drums)

Sax: Robert Schlaudecker

 Instagram // Facebook // Official Website

Been a long long time
I’ll see you tonight
Reunion from hell
No running this time
Gotta face the fire
Reunion from hell
Will you live to tell?

Watch it now you’re in danger
Someone here you know is a stranger
They’re watching you from all around
Won’t give up until you’re down
They’re wicked

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