Anita Lester Earthly Desire
18. October 2022 By Walter Price 0

ANITA LESTER Earthly Desire

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Anita Lester Earthly Desire

by Walter Price

Multi-faceted Australian artist Anita Lester returns with a new celestial single “Earthly Desire”. Meticulously produced by renowned composer/performer Gideon Preiss and landing someplace between Pink Floyd and Kate Bush, this vast track delves into the human experience of “unexpectedly falling in love.”

In a sea of familiar vibed indie pop offerings, Lester & Co. have crafted an indelibly beautiful song, unlike almost anything you’ve recently heard that’ll instantly find its way onto your favorite enchanting playlist, if not populate many soundtracks in the future. Speaking of films, there is a music video, crafted by Eliya Cohen, on the way, so follow the links below for updates.

Here at the GTC, you can stream Lester’s latest masterclass in song-making.

ANITA LESTER Earthly Desire

Artist photo by Eliya Cohen

Produced and mixed by Gideon Preiss
Featuring Husky Gawenda and Jules Pascoe
Recorded at Woodstock Studios
Mastered by Adam Dempsey

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Over the last decade and a half, Anita has quietly and gracefully established herself as a force in not only music, but visual art, literature and film.” – bio

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