Lord Friday the 13th
19. October 2022 By Walter Price 0

LORD FRIDAY the 13th Sleeping Cutie

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Lord Friday the 13th

by Walter Price

Blistering punk rock riffs, RHPS dramatics, and an energy that’ll twist spines in dingy clubs worldwide…Plus hanging with the likes of Skating Polly and Broken Baby doesn’t hurt Austin’s new era of gender-bending rock n rollers, Lord Friday the 13th.

Fronted by siblings Sloane and Felix Lenz, this outfit has been fittingly described as, “a dollar store trash-glam-punk band…” As the band’s bio is more accurate than most, it’s their music that’ll testify to who and what they are. Blazing rockers who know how to craft speaker-destroying songs with unexpected melody and lyricism to boot.

Look no further than their latest single, “Sleeping Cutie”, and its music video. It’s not clear if this track is inspired by The Munsters episode (1964) of the same name or if it’s a straight-up rethink of the childhood fairy tale for modern times. Maybe both…None the matter, Sloane’s chainsaw guitar and Felix’s chant-along-ready vocals set this song in a mind-bending sphere all its own.

But for the money, it’s the music video that’ll have tongues wagging. Leaning more toward the fairy tale theory, in the first few moments anyway, before things get all twisty and love gets super chaotic. Directed by Josh Gondrez and Shelby Rahe and featuring Billy Grey Heck, let’s just say that Giambattista Basile couldn’t have imagined an ending like what’s laid out here. Love/infatuation is gnarly.

Experience “Sleeping Cutie” for yourself, stream the single, and see its film here at the GTC.

Buckle up…

LORD FRIDAY the 13th Sleeping Cutie

Band photo via Facebook // Bio quotes via Bandcamp

Lead Vocals: Felix Lenz
Guitar: Sloane Lenz
Bass/Guitar: Pete O’Hanlon
Drums/Keys: Evan Walsh
BG Vocals/Guitar: Becky Walsh

Recorded at Bedrock Studios in Cavan, Ireland
Produced by Pete O’Hanlon, Evan Walsh, and Lord Friday the 13th
Engineered by Pete O’Hanlon and Evan Walsh
Mixed by Brendan Benson

Video by Josh Gondrez and Shelby Rahe
Guest starring Billy Grey Heck

website // facebook // instagram

“Lord Friday the 13th is a dollar store trash-glam-punk band based in Austin, TX. Fronted by siblings Felix (vocals) and Sloane (guitar) Lenz, their sound has been described as the Velvet Underground meets the New York Dolls, with hints of early Iggy and the Stooges.” – bio

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