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by Walter Price

I opened my brief January 2021 review of Dutch Falconi’s far out ‘Bloom & Brimstone’ LP with this following quote and thought, “…if my music sparks your imagination and helps images crystallize in your head, I’d feel honored.”, humbly says Sacramento avant-garde composer Dutch Falconi. And sparking imagination is exactly what his new LP ‘Bloom and Brimstone’ does in spectacular whimsy. Quietly begging to soundtrack a film by Henry Selick, this album is unlike anything currently being offered.

And I must say, after half of a year or so out in the world, this album is still pulling new fans and creatives alike into its orbit. Such as the filmmakers David Sketchley and Viktori Pesonen. Who have created some pretty astonishing visuals to the tracks “Quixote” and “Fugitive Color”, respectively.

Sketchley, had this to say about the backstory of his music video, “This film represents the dream of a journey to Andalusia. By pure coincidence, I was deep into Cervantes’ novel when Dutch approached me with the idea of making a film to accompany one of the tracks on his album, Bloom & Brimstone. Choosing the track Quixote seemed obvious.

“As in a dream, certain images pop up, sometimes uninvited, creating a somewhat surreal narrative. All the images used, with a couple of exceptions were captured during two recent trips Ruby and I took to Spain, via Stockholm, London, and Barcelona, and finally Andalusia, and whilst neither Cervantes nor his eponymous hero were Andalusian, merely close neighbours, the countryside and towns such as Cordoba and Granada, were sufficient to evoke their memory.”

And in a YouTube post, Falconi gratefully spoke to the brilliance of Pesonen’s imagery, “Filmmaker Viktori Pesonen, known to many as Vice Art, has made a poignant piece about memory, love and loss using my song “Fugitive Color” and its simply wonderful! Shot in his native Finland, Vice Art’s music video features actor Onni Tulla and while its visual tone is drenched in a kind of emotional —and literal—winter, the campfire at the center of the piece stands as an enduring symbol of love, past, present and future. Vice Art has created a short narrative for “Fugitive Color” that is really a collision of memory, rage, sadness, and acceptance rendered with a distinctly raw human lens that I think fits very well with the music. It is a welcome addition to the growing collection of music videos for the songs on “Bloom & Brimstone”. Bravo Viktori!”

If you haven’t already delved deep into the quirky journey that is‘Bloom and Brimstone‘, do so toot sweet. But also, take a few minutes and absorb the fascinating music videos done by these two talented filmmakers and their indie film houses.


Artist photo via Facebook

Directed & Edited by David Sketchley for Tiny Octopus Productions.
Producer – Ruby Sketchley.

Written, performed, and produced by Dutch Falconi. Engineered and mixed by Dutch Falconi at Studio Jägerhalle in 2019-2020. Digital Mastering by Erman Aydöner at EA Masters, Istanbul, Turkey.

Video in its entirety done by Viktori Pesonen (Vice Art).
Acting by Onni Tulla.
Assisting by Mira Pesonen and Samppa Niemelä.
Special thanks for Juhaninmäki family for letting us use their property for the shoot.


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After twenty years in exile from music-making, Bloom & Brimstone is my newest album and it’s a collection of ten pieces written, performed, recorded, and produced entirely by me. Like any small-time auteur, I’ve lost all perspective on the pieces: they are precious to me, yet I am exhausted by them.” – bio

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