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11. August 2021 By Walter Price 0

…box of memory, HAND HABITS Aquamarine

Hand Habits – Aquamarine is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.


by Walter Price

Bits of DNA of Portishead, Book of Love, Robyn, and Soccer Mommy can be found interwoven into the shadowy single “Aquamarine” by LA-based songwriter Hand Habits. As the pandemic, being isolated and societal woes continue to twist and reshape our collective way of thinking, faded memories and what we once believed may also need to be reconsidered. And, without cementing my perceived interpretation too solidly, I think this is what this dark pop track is about.

It conjures up this image of receiving a box of keepsakes from a loved one, perhaps a mother in this song’s case, and discovering new ‘truths’.

and I didn’t know she played guitar
until I turned 27
my distant cousin sent
a box of memory

certificate of authenticity
they were aquamarine

why can’t you talk about it?
I got used to being on the other side of truth

A picture is being painted, and it’s very personal. Nearing painfully, really. But, beauty comes in all shapes and sounds, and sometimes pretty ain’t part of the journey.

And if you sense anxiety as you listen, check out the music video, directed by V Haddad. I’ll let Hand Habits’ Meg Duffy recount its backstory, via a recent Facebook post, “Making this video was truly a feat- the three of us (myself @adamgundersheimer and @haddad_v ) spent hours tidying up my aunt’s saloon and repeating this sequence over and over until we felt like we had it. Adam was screaming cues for V to turn lights on, throw clothes at me as I writhed on the lit-up dance floor. Bless those two for making this vision come to life…it really takes a village.”

The stunning single’s lyrical depths, the meticulous production by Sasami Ashworth, and the film come together in what is blatantly a new direction for this slow pop purveyor, and the results are soul-stirring. To say the least.

“Aquamarine” is taken from the forthcoming ‘Fun House’ LP, expected on October 22. Before then, stream the single and see the music video, now at the GTC.

HAND HABITS Aquamarine

Artist photo via Bandcamp

Produced By: Sasami Ashworth
Mixed By: Chris Coady, Kyle Thomas
Add. Engineering on Graves by Ethan Gruska
Add. Engineering on More Than Love, Clean Air by Dave Hartley
Recorded at: Log Mansion in Los Angeles
Mastering Engineer: Heba Kadry
String and Woodwind Arrangements: Sasami Ashworth
All songs written by Meg Duffy
Cover Artwork by Curtis Talwst Santiago
Photographs by Jacob Boll
Design and All Additional Art by Robbie Simon

Directed by V Haddad
Cinematography by Adam Gundersheimer
Sound Designer KT Pipal
Title Designer Mike Renaud

A Slopehouse Production in association with Cousins Company

Featuring Meg Duffy

Meg Duffy hand habits

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now I never ask for details
who the hell needs details?
when everything is burning
you light a fire on the grave

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