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RIDDY ARMAN Too Late to Write a Love Song

Riddy Arman – Too Late to Write a Love Song is available at Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer.

Riddy Arman

by Walter Price

There’s a certain nostalgia within the walls of Riddy Arman’s recent single “Too Late to Write a Love Song”. Thoughts of the era when Waylon, Kristofferson, and Lynn spun sorrowful tales to drink to. Love done gone and what could’ve been through and through, this is a country song for those you have memories to chew on.

Doesn’t feel like it’s been long
but it’s been two years and then some Guess I’m slow to movin’ on
and it’s too late to write a love song
Moved away from our old home
it felt too wrong with you gone
I miss the sunrise in our windows and it’s too late to write a love song

Well I try and I try to keep you off of my mind
Drinking and dancing into the night
I know you’ve got a new life and someone by your side And that it’s too late to write a love song
Wish I could say I didn’t mean to but I gave in and I called you
I said some things that weren’t true And it’s too late to write a love song Yes it’s too late to write a love song

Heartache wears many masks and this track certainly laments on disappointment all the while feeling rest-assured that there are new dawns just ahead. Producers Bronson Tew (w/ Spencer Thomas) had the foresight to let this songwriter’s thoughts breathe and the results are indelible.

“Too Late to Write a Love Song” is taken from Arman’s self-titled album, expected on September 10th via La Honda Records. You can stream the single and see the lyric video, created by Western AF’s Mike Vanata, now at the GTC.

RIDDY ARMAN Too Late to Write a Love Song

Artist photo by Mike Vanata / Quote courtesy of La Honda Records

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Arman herself has chosen to take a different path, embracing isolation and interpreting her life
through the rural landscape that adorns her lyrics. With fierce honesty and a voice that
immediately commands attention, on her debut record, Riddy Arman has proven herself as
much more than a cowboy
.” – bio

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