The Interrogation
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THE INTERROGATION w/ 5 albums that affected their sound

The Interrogation – Posters On My Wall EP is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music.

The Interrogation

by Thom Turner

Hello, My name is Thom Turner, bandleader/songwriter/guitarist of The Interrogation.

The music of The Interrogation is an expression of the life that music has given me. That life was founded by my mother Merrill and my Father Bart. They filled every moment of my day with songs. That turned into two decades of performances all over the US and Internationally, Music College, and a world of life-changing experiences. So to pair that down into 5 records seems daunting. But, here are 5 albums (in no particular order) that directly affected the music of The Interrogation.

Coheed and Cambria – In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3


If there is an artist that impacted me more than most it is Claudio Sanchez. His ability to write insanely catchy hooks while simultaneously weaving deeply personal lyrical content into the context of EPIC multi-album storytelling underscored by shredding leads and truly unique singing is just awe-inspiring. When In Keeping Secrets came out my whole world changed. I played it on repeat for months. It showed me I could write music rooted in the genres I loved but add so very many layers on top. A true inspiration.

The Allman Brothers Band – Brothers and Sisters

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As a kid growing up in upstate NY my father would sometimes wake me up with this album. Then it would continue on cd in the car as my mother would drive me to school and then finish up in my walkman on the way home. The sounds of two guitars harmonizing was just so amazing to me I would listen incessantly. Later when I started learning guitar “Jessica” was my teacher. I reference “the brothers” in our song “Shine” for this reason.

Thursday – Full Collapse


When I hit high school I was full bore into the emo, hardcore, and Pop Punk scene in Syracuse NY. I was getting compilation CD’s from Victory Records and Thursdays “Understanding in a Car Crash” was on one. That song and that band just destroyed me. It used the same twin guitar attack as The Allmans had but they spoke to me on my level. The amazing riffs and extremely poetic lyrics sewed themselves into a sound that was completely unique and pushing the boundaries of what I thought possible in the genre.

Thrice – The Artist in the Ambulance


“The Artist in the Ambulance” and “Full Collapse” were almost one album to me in my high school and early college years. I would only remove one from my cd player to put the other one in. Thrice had a far more metalcore vibe to their songs. I loved how heavy it could get and then open up into these super lush choruses mixed in with scream and melodic vocals. On songs like “Under a Killing Moon” you get a massive breakdown and some amazing textural guitar work by Teppei Teranishi. It is a banger back to front.

Killswitch Engage – The End of Heartache


This is my favorite KSE album. It came at a time in my life that I was absolutely enthralled by the new metal music that was being made. If it had a breakdown and a two step part I was in. The thing that KSE had in spades was incredible clean singing on the choruses contrasted by thrash and even death metal style riffs. Blast beats breakdowns gang vocals, it was all I wanted out of the metal-core style. It pushed me to work my guitar chops too.

The Interrogation’s new album “Posters on My Wall” is out now and you can listen to it on all the major streaming platforms, Bandcamp and Itunes. Thanks so much for having us

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