Dutch Falconi Bloom & Brimstone
29. January 2021 By Walter Price 1

…spark your imagination, DUTCH FALCONI – Bloom & Brimstone

Dutch Falconi – Bloom & Brimstone LP is available at Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud.

by Walter Price

“…if my music sparks your imagination and helps images crystallize in your head, I’d feel honored.”, humbly says Sacramento avant-garde composer Dutch Falconi. And sparking imagination is exactly what his new LP ‘Bloom and Brimstone” does in spectacular whimsy. Quietly begging to soundtrack a film by Henry Selick, this album is unlike anything currently being offered.

As the title suggests, Bloom & Brimstone is about auspicious beginnings and ominous endings. Cinematically speaking, it is squarely set in what my Grandparents called the old country. It is steeped in human and animal magick, real and imagined. It is part elegy and part celebration.

The pieces themselves are instrumentals, so I imagined they would function as the soundtrack for your stylish secret agent lifestyle. While each piece has its own thematic schema, they are intended to underscore your own personal tradecraft or ritual practice and to aid in setting the mood for general spell-casting and assorted necromancy.”

If you’re a fan of dreaming, the magical, and love the idea of thought-provoking music with new sparks of imagination with every listen, then ‘Bloom and Brimstone’ is going to suscitate all your senses. And you can stream this indelible stunner as well as Dutch’s Top Spotify tracks, now at the GTC.

DUTCH FALCONI – Bloom & Brimstone

Artist photo courtesy of Public Display PR

Written, performed, recorded and produce by Dutch Falconi

Dutch Falconi Bloom & Brimstone

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After twenty years in exile from music-making, Bloom & Brimstone is my newest album and it’s a collection of ten pieces written, performed, recorded and produced entirely by me. Like any small-time auteur, I’ve lost all perspective on the pieces: they are precious to me, yet I am exhausted by them.” – bio

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