magical brew
30. January 2021 By Walter Price 0

…let it take you, FIRE TIGER – Magical Brew

Fire Tiger – All The Time LP is available at Apple Music, Spotify +.

magical brew

by Walter Price

Hands down, there is no better team in creating retro rock & pop than LA’s Fire Tiger’s Tiff Alkouri and James Ramsey. And you should look no further than the band’s phenomenal 2020 release ‘All The Time’. A stellar leg warmer era stunner that is a full set of 80s styled gems. And what should have been their lead single “Magical Brew” has finally dropped and it’s a beauty, possibly this outfit’s best single yet.

Alkouri knows her way around a pop-rock vocal and this single highlights her powers to the fullest. I guess the best part, the most indelible thing about this band and showcased by this latest album/single, is that their time-traveling sound is as fun as it is tactile. For confirmation, check out the film for “Magical Brew”. The LA-centric vibes, shot by Joey Fameli, is all the cool one can soak up in one day. It feels like an invite to good times and that’s a great atmosphere for this odd new world we’re all navigating.

And you can stream the full LP and watch the DIY video, now at GTC.


+ All The Time LP

Article cover photo via YouTube

Written by Tiff Alkouri & James Ramsey

Tiff Alkouri – vocals
James Ramsey – keys
Jordan Lucas – guitar
Tyler Renga – bass
Lorenzo Meynardi – drums

Director of Photography: Joey Fameli

Extras: Ron Placone, Shana Taylor, Bumper Renga, Hurricane Hailey, Justin Cuomo, Marlena Khramova (Ukulena), and Cody Moore

magical brew

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Fire Tiger is a retro power pop / classic rock band from Los Angeles, fronted by contralto singer/songwriter Tiff Alkouri, along with co-writer / keyboardist James Ramsey, guitarist Jordan Lucas, bassist Tyler Renga, and drummer Lorenzo Meynardi. Since their debut 10-song vinyl record album ‘Energy’ (2014), and follow-up albums, ‘Suddenly Heavenly’ (2018) and ‘All the Time’ (2020), they have been gathering a notable indie following. Their songs aim to capture the nostalgic musical quality attributed to the 80s and late 70s, and bring it back to the mainstream…” – bio

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