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Empire Escape – Colours (Q&A)

Empire Escape -“Colours”
Out 13 September 2013

By C. Price

Empire Escape are a Berlin based band. Hendrik Schaefer, Michael Jobs, Ihno Homma and Julius Rothlaender will be releasing their debut album “Colours” on September 13, 2013. Here an excerpt from Empire Escape’s official website:

“And that’s exactly what ‘Colours’ is like. An album that takes a deep breath, cracks and sizzles, lives, depresses, and elates at the same time. The baritone voice of Schäfer is elegantly backed by the band. The instruments embed the dark vocals into bright and delicately arranged layers. Dark Pop? Baroque Rock? Or just New Pop? Whatever category you may find, Empire Escape will be able to fill it.”

I find their musical craftsmanship to be a stellar example of what rock (with pop tendencies)  should be, especially in a debut album. I also love the fact I sense Empire Escape conjuring up a bit of Ian McCulloch’s Echo & The Bunnymen. Which is a positive anyway you look at it. 

At the end of September the band will also start their tour as support for the Shout Out Louds.
As you can read on their Facebook page for the group its “…several dreams come true these days…”

A few days ago I had the chance to talk to guitarist Julius Rothlaender. Here we go:

First of all we would like to congratulate you all on playing as a support for the Shout Out Louds. Are you excited?
That’s an easy one, yes, sure.

I am obviously not a musician so please excuse me for asking but does it make your own tour less interesting?
No, not at all. To us, this support tour is some kind of the perfect fit. It’s a dream coming true – just like it is a dream coming true, playing our own headline tour and that many shows on our own.

How did you all meet?
Actually, there was another band before Empire Escape, and we met by joining this band one after another. …and when finally the four of us came together there, we had the feeling that we should start again, start this new band, Empire Escape.

Were you all involved in serious band projects before Empire Escape?
Yes and no. We played in other bands before – but I think you cannot compare it to today’s seriousness. We love what we’re doing and we’re literally willing to fight for it.

Your debut album “Colours” will be out on Sept. 13th. How long did it take you until it was all set and done?
Although it was only two years, it feels like a while now. We started this band in September 2011, played some support shows, wrote new songs. In early 2012 we’ve been to Sweden to record this debut album with Mathias Oldén. I think it was April 2012, when for the first time we held this finished, mixed and mastered album in our hands. Afterwards we’ve spent some time finding new homes: a booking agency, a publishing company and a label. We’re really happy that we met this great guy called Roland, who is taking care of VelocitySounds Rec. – and also taking care of us now.

What reactions from fans and critics did you receive so far for your video “The Chemistry of Colours”?
We’re really happy with the reactions so far – they were absolutely positive. It’s great to see that – it means that it was worth the effort.

Would you call yourself a live band?
Absolutely. Playing live is what it’s all about for us.

If you could choose who would be the one artist/ band that should cover one of your songs?
Interesting question…  I think I would like to see how our label-mates I Am In Love would do that…

Name 3  things on your bucket list.
Releasing our debut album, playing a tour with Shout Out Louds, playing our own headline tour. – but wait, that doesn’t mean that i wanna die in November, I guess i’ll be able to name three new things then….

Name 3 songs that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Difficult question and i would feel bad about making song #4, #5 & #6 jealous… – and besides, I’m still thinking about this bucket list thing…

Worst venue you’ve ever played in?
…still looking forward to see that happen…

Name one nasty habit you can’t live without.
Difficult again. It might be almost the same answer I gave regarding these three songs…

Would you leave your phone at home for at least one day?
I really wish I could.

The GTC wishes you the best of luck with the new album, video and tour. Let us know how it goes!
Thanks & all the best.

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