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All Sorts Of Pixies

Pixies -“Indie Cindy” EP Avail Now
The Pixies gave been all over the media this past couple weeks announcing all sorts of this and thats.

First, they tell the world that bassist Kim Deal has left the band and then another bombshell, they have new music! 

It’s been 22 years since their last fresh release. This new music is available via a mini EP called Indie Cindy. This is a four track EP that can be purchased in a variety of packages. (Please see The Pixies website, HERE!)

Track Listing:
“Andro Quenn”
“Another Toe In The Ocean”
“Indie Cindy”
“What Goes Boom”

This is all interesting news. If you’re into one of the most influential indie bands of times sort of thing! Who hasn’t spent hours upon hours listening to Surfer Rosa (’88) & Doolittle (’89)? Can I get an “AMEN’!

Don’t worry, the band has a new bassist, Kim Shattuck (The Muffs) and they will also be releasing all sorts of things in the next 15 months. I suppose you’ll have to bookmark their webpage or this one!

The band also has a world tour kicking off in about 5 days! Is this all too much Pixies news?! Guess what? Frank Black is Black Francis, again! I know…crazy! 

“All we can do, is go forward and prove ourselves.” – David Lovering (Pixies drummer tells the New York Times)

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