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Chester Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots? 

Stone Temple Pilots really continue to think their choice of, replacement, singer Chester Bennington is the right one.The revamped rock outfit have announced completion of their  first EP, High Rise, and gear up for a world outing. 

The reason I mention all this is that I still am not convinced Bennington is the voice to replace that of Scott “I Can’t Seem To Shake My Demons or Stop Being An Ass-Face” Weiland. 

I guess only time will tell how it pans out. 

Chester and Robert DeLeo recently spoke to Steve Baltin of RS.com and had a couple of interesting things to say about it all. Here’s one nugget:

β€œPart of the appeal of doing this, and part of the vibe that I bring, I’m just coming in here and doing the same things I would do normally, only I’m writing different music with different guys. It’s been interesting for me to see how the normal day-to-day stuff that I’m used to doing with the other guys that I work with is just a fucking complete shocker over here in this camp. It’s like, “Dude, you’re here?” Simple things like that, or, “Let’s play this song.” “OK, cool,” and I just start singing the song. Robert was like, “Are you sure you don’t need a teleprompter?” I was like, “I’m pretty positive I don’t need a teleprompter.” If I fuck up the words it just makes the show more human, and I’d rather fuck the words up than be latched to something that tells me what I’m supposed to do.” – Chester Bennington (RolligStone.com)

Sounds dandy then. Let’s hope they can maintain and gain a strong fanbase. I can’t see Bennington being able to lead two high profile bands but I could be wrong. Maybe Weiland could jump over and take Chester’s spot in L. Park…after he has a proven period of sanity? Nah, I kinds like Scott Weiland crazy and all Rock Star like. Seems right to me.

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