Elephants and Stars
22. June 2021 By Walter Price 0

…soldier on, ELEPHANTS & STARS – Ceasefire

Elephants and Stars – Ceasefire is available at SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music.

Elephants and Stars

by Walter Price

Someplace between Toad the Wet Sprocket and Dinosaur Jr., the recent single from Toronto rockers Elephants and Stars is a stadium-sized track declaring that it’s time to move on. All the little things, annoyances, gnawing personalities can be daunting, but once you let go, mental perseverance is the endgame. And who has the time, anyway.

While the single’s full credits aren’t readily available, a quote we can only guess to attribute to Manfred Sittmann gives some weighty background, “Ceasefire” is a big, loud middle finger to whatever or whoever is causing toxicity in your life. I hope it can empower you to leave a situation that isn’t worth your energy. This song is ultimately about erasing someone or something from your life that has caused you harm. When I leave a bad situation, I burn the bridge. If I cut you off, you stay that way forever. But it’s not even so much a grudge, it’s like you never existed.”

This soundtrack-ready track is taken from the forthcoming Dreamland EP, expected April 16, 2021. And you can stream the single and see its punchy film, now at the GTC.


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Produced by Ian Blurton

Elephants & Stars: no credits available

Elephants and Stars

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Ian Blurton produced “Ceasefire,” turning it from a pop track into what is truly a rock song. The process for recording this song was particularly gratifying because I was worried it was a little too precious of a pop song going in.” – E&S

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