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REAL SICKIES’ Ben Disaster talks 5 albums that inspired Love is For Lovers LP

Real Sickies – Love is For Lovers LP pre-order/save is available at Bandcamp, Stomp Records, Apple Music.

Real Sickies

by Walter Price

Edmonton rocknrollers Real Sickies are set to drop a brand new LP called ‘Love is For Lovers’ on July 9th via Stomp Records. And going by what I’ve been able to hear and see ahead of the release, this album will no doubt be this Summer’s breakout goodtime soundtrack! 14-tracks of timeless pop-punk with plenty of bop, heart and hooks, grit, and tastes of bubblegum. And you can’t miss that these sing-a-long ready ditties are loaded with heaps of melodies that’ll keep you rockin’ down the open highway, windows down with not a care in our strange new world.

Communication Breakdown

Destructive Nights

Love Is For Lovers

Give And Take

Sickies Don’t Talk

I Think Of Sunshine

Queen Of Hearts (Try To Ignore)

Tear It All Down

Hold On Baby

Least Favorite Of Mine

Going Through Changes

Talking About You


They Don’t Know

And to pay homage to the names that made a mark on this band and their new album, vocalist Ben Disaster shared with the GTC, 5 Influential Albums/Singles! And don’t forget to check out the brilliant image-heavy greenscreen film for “Communication Breakdown” down below. It’s an absolute doozy.

Vapors – New Clear Days.


This album has always been a huge impact, lyrically and music-wise. It’s ultra pop hooks with a clever attitude. It’s what pop music is, not what it should be. It’s funny, it’s one of those ones you’d maybe wanna sleep on cause the main hit is a major hit. Production-wise to me, it’s perfect. It’s not what we did.. but it’s amazing.

Hayley Mary – Like a Woman Should)


What does this have to do with the album?? Nothing, but also so much (I can’t say everything). I heard this single come out while we were finishing up the second phase of the album. It’s just pure power. The hooks are the kind that sinks underneath your rib cage kinda thing. The kind that really pulls you in and makes you actually think about what you’re listening to. When it came to writing songs and lyrics this was definitely a late but important influence.

Bee Bee Sea – Day Ripper


What can I say, when trying to find the confidence to wrap things up I found this album. Did it influence it?? Nahhh not really but it did influence what I maybe wanted it to be going forward. It came out between the time of “quarantined “and “love is for lovers “ I think it was a crucial release of the year 2020 and would say it’s impacted how I thought of songs. 

Guns & Roses – Use Your Illusion 1 & 2

Spotify I / II

What I can say here.. well I asked the group and this was the response I got. It’s weird… I never actually listened to these albums EXCEPT on late-night drives through tricky mountains. It’s like when your driving in the dark and a moose or deer could jump out at any second. In a sense.. that’s what pop is about. Something could just happen and hit you head-on. I can see the comparison to the band. It’s like driving on a Chorus and getting hit hard with a guitar solo. And having production to match. So yeah.. I can see how that makes sense.

Phil Seymour – Phil Seymour 


Okay, last one./ this is always hard cause you think “what did I miss??” What could I have chosen that would make us look cooler “, do we dive far back and choose Green day’s ‘insomniac.. do we chose the obvious Ramones and teenage head albums? Do we say T. rex cause we covered it??

I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say something else. This album sees many sides of punk and rock n roll, power pop, country, pop, pop, pop, pop, etc. So, I think this is likely the best choice. It definitely has lyric content and music content that wraps its veins into this album. So last but not least.

REAL SICKIES Communication Breakdown

Band photo via Facebook

Produced by Rob Lawless & Mario Nieva
Recorded by Rob Lawless
Mixed and mastered by Terry Paholek
Studio – Physics Lab

Real Sickies are:
Alex Mckie
Rob Lawless
Evan Hughes
Mario Nieva
Dennis Eric Budd
Ben Crossman

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You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll dance the night away to the romantic sounds of Edmonton’s answer to the Ramones...” – band bio

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