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24. June 2021 By Walter Price 0

…call me shameless, G FLIP feat. Thomas Headon – Not Even In Vegas

G Flip feat. Thomas Headon – Not Even in Vegas is available at Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal.

g flip

by Walter Price

There’s a certain phenomenon that occurs when a place transcends its physicality and becomes a vibe that can be emulated anyplace you’re letting the good times roll. And the recent single, “Not Even in Vegas”, from Australian pop star G Flip feat. Thomas Headon is a track full of hanging with mates and making do with whatever scene is at hand.

G Flip [Georgia Flipo], with their infectious smile and apparent sunny disposition, knows how to use their vocals to make this song with bounce a summer playlist staple. As Headon, a pop natural, adds a plethora of TikTok era swagger that’s just the right balance to this indelible sing-a-long.

I’ve got a pocket full of fun
As I dance out the door
I’m a little overdone
But I’ll be coming home after dawn

And then my feet hit the floor
I guess I found an appetite
Chasing the encore
But the show finished late last night

We’re not even in Vegas
Red eyes and I’m faded
Hope my cheeks see the sun every day as I’m getting old
We’re not even in Vegas
You could call me shameless
‘Cause my head’s out of breath for the 4th night in a row

Yeah, the pandemic has kept most of us from going and doing much of what we’ve wanted. But that shouldn’t mean, no matter how remote your location might be, that you can’t make a party scene, forge new friendships, and perhaps even write a song that is bursting with positivity and captures the essence of a far-off fabled place. Turn it up…

You can stream “Not Even in Vegas” as well as see a stripped-down diner performance, now at the GTC.

G Flip Feat. Thomas Headon – Not Even In Vegas

Artists pho via Facebook

Songwriters/Performers, Georgia Flipo/Thomas Headon
Co-producer, Ed Quinn

g flip

g flip // thomas headon

Maybe one day we’ll hit Vegas
And we’ll laugh because we made it

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