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NEW MONDAY: BACHELOR – Stay in the Car

Bachelor – Stay in the Car is available at Spotify, Apple Music // Pre-order Doomin’ Sun at Polyvinyl Records.


by Walter Price

The recent single, “Stay in the Car”, from LA super-duo Bachelor is chock full of alt-rock ingredients. An everyday spark of desire that so happens to occur during a trip to the grocery store. Capturing those moments of fantasy once you laid brief eyes on an attraction all soundtracked by swelling jangly guitar licks and heavy bass thumps. With plenty of airy California breeze squeezing between chords and words. 100% dynamite.

Bachelor is a coming together of friends Ellen Kempner (Palehound) and Melina Duterte (Jay Som). And as the emerging legend goes, these two fast friends decided, in January 2020 with some help from Big Thief’s Buck Meek/ James Krivchenia and Chastity Belt’s Annie Truscott along the way, decided to rent a house in Topanga, set up a makeshift Livingroom studio, and got to writing, playing, and recording what would become their debut album, ‘Doomin’ Sun’. The 10-track LP is set to drop May 28, 2021, via Polyvinyl Records.

Before you pre-order the album, you can stream the single as well as witness its truly trippy film. Directed by Haoyan of America, the video is a mind freak full of pop culture references, psychedelic sequences, and far more dinosaurs than your average music video. Check it all out, now at the GTC.


Band photo via Bandcamp

Doomin’ Sun
All songs written, arranged, and performed by Melina Duterte and Ellen Kempner.
Produced, engineered, and mixed by Melina Duterte and Ellen Kempner in Topanga, CA.
Strings by Annie Truscott.
Mastered by Heba Kadry.
Art and design by Chris Chew
Layout design by Mikaela Jane
Drums on “Went Out Without You”, “Sick of Spiraling”, and “Aurora” by James Krivchenia

Stay in the Car music video
Directed & Edited by Haoyan of America
Jurassic Prop Master: Nicky Wetherell
CGI Chaplain: Alex Futtersak
T-Rex Wrangler: Frisbee Jackson
X-Files Donor: Eleni Kontos


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There was a lot of pain that went into the record, especially around themes of queerness and climate change inspired by the red skies and wildfires subsuming Australia at the time. However, when the duo did shed tears during the creative process, they weren’t tears of sadness, they were tears of laughter. When Kempner and Duterte look back on those weeks, what they remember first is shortness of breath and the inability to track vocal takes without falling to the floor howling. They couldn’t remember a time they’d ever been so delirious with creativity, so overwhelmed with joy.” – band bio

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