closure 3 April 2020
26. March 2020 By Walter Price 0

…rainbow every day, SINGLE: NATALIE McCOOL – Closure [McCool & Kenzo Zurzolo, producers]

Natalie McCool – Closure is available at Apple Music.


by Walter Price

Moving on, from whatever it is that adds unnecessary weight to your life, is a palpable subject matter. And this familiarity is the backbone of ascending star Natalie McCool’s addictive new single, “Closure”. Produced by McCool & Kenzo Zurzolo, this fresh track, one that’ll fit right in with your Kate Nash and Feist heavy playlist, is a springy lament to what should be next, but those nagging memories linger. Complicated.

This release is made indelible by the singer’s rich and airy vocal delivery and her knack for melodically clever wordplay, not to mention that delicious post-punk guitar work making waves just under the surface. All cementing this track as a spring/summer staple and this performer as an artist soon to be among those fabled household names that soundtrack our everyday realities. And you can get into McCool’s groove by streaming her latest future hit, and a bonus single “Someone Nue“, below.


Written by Natalie McCool & Kenzo Zurzolo
Recorded & Produced by Natalie McCool & Kenzo Zurzolo
Additional production by Future Humans

Artwork by Natalie McCool
Photo by  Robin Clewley Photography


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Natalie McCool is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist and has picked up a steadily growing support base of fans and critics alike with her truly innovative and beautiful take on pop music. ” – fb bio