all your love
26. March 2020 By Walter Price 0

You give me, SINGLE: WHO CAN SLEEP – “All Your Love” [Dean Vivirito, producer]

Who Can Sleep – All Your Love is available at Bandcamp.

all your love

by Walter Price

Prolific Los Angeles indie duo Who Can Sleep return with a fresh introspective track, “All Your Love”. Yet another dreampop gem from this GTC fave that’s ready to slide into the next David Lynch soundtrack. And while many find heavy production the way to go, this outfit’s Dean Vivirito heads in the other direction and capitalizes on less is more with his bespoke arrangments. Compositions that are equal parts delicate, airy and sparse, perfectly cradling Lex Helgerson’s vocal subtleties and confidential lyrics.

In an emailed quote, Helgerson talks about the origins of this intimate dream-inspired new track, ‚ÄúDean is very selfless in our relationship. He inspires me to be more generous, and sometimes I wonder if I give enough. I wanted to express the feeling that I might not be giving as much as I receive.”. Vivirito added, “I distinctly remember while rehearsing the song, we were working on the tempo and groove and it was too fast. I told Lex the listener should be reminded of that post-sex feeling.”

If you’re a fan of Cowboy Junkies, Hope Sandoval and/or Still Corners, then this track will fill your soul. You can stream it and a classic WCS EP below.

All Your Love

+ First Date, EP

Article cover photo by Charlie Chipman

Vocals and lyrics – Lex Helgerson
Production, arrangement, instruments – Dean Vivirito
Mixed and Mastered by Dean Vivirito

all your love

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