black satellite
8. June 2018 By Walter Price 0

New Sounds: NYC’s Black Satellite – “Valkyrie” (+ 2 bonus videos)

Black Satellite are available on iTunes.

black satellite

by Walter Price


Big unapologetic alt-rock gets lost regularly in the ever-expanding sea of singer-songwriters populating the indie scene. But fear not, NYC’s power duo Black Satellite have everything your alt leaning soul has been looking for. Their single “Valkyrie” from 2017’s Endless is a brilliant starting point. There is no denying that this band has scrutinized a vast variety of artists who’ve come before them. With this single, you almost immediately reminisce about Guana Apes, Muse, and Garbage. Stout lyrics delivered by the captivating Larissa Vale encased in the heavy guitar blaze of Kyle Hawken, you’ll start to time warp the 90’s. Reminding us all that resurrections can be cool AF. Add that with the band’s keen eye towards gothy fashion and the thrills are, well, endless. Indeed.

The band has released two more single since “Valkyrie” and you can check out those below as well. And to clarify, there is nothing wrong with bleeding-heart singer-songwriters, it’s just, sometimes, you wanna rock.



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My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend


I Don’t Wanna Be Me



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