Doug Stanhope
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In His Own Words: Doug Stanhope on Kanye West being outrageous / annoying

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Doug Stanhope


“He was mouthing off recently, something about slavery? That’s the problem with Trump. I love the people who are upset [about Kanye] because that’s the fucking country they created. They celebrate shit-talking assholes who say anything to get a rise out of people. You think he had no idea what he was doing when he talked shit like that? He has an album coming out, he says something fucking outrageous, everyone bitches, everyone takes his side and it’s just fucking theatre and it’s annoying. I could have done that to you. I could have come out, had a bunch of bullshit opinions about Brexit that you could print, then fucking people would be up in arms, ‘Oh there’s this fucking American…’ and I’d just be talking out of my ass. I can figure out quickly by reading a fucking article exactly what tack to take, what’s something I could say to piss off half the people and then get them talking about me and then looking me up on YouTube.”


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