Snail Mail
9. June 2018 By Walter Price 0

Your Summer Sounds Like: Snail Mail – “Heat Wave” (debut album Lush)

Snail Mail are available on iTunes.

Snail Mail

by Walter Price


If you’re a fan of Lucy Dacus, Maija Sofia, and let’s say Pixies as well, then you’ve probably already caught the sounds of Maryland’s Snail Mail. A return of that fabled distorted guitar brilliantly working on its own devices as it guides your new playlist must-have track “Heat Wave”. Highs and lows working with lyrics that can be interpreted as a frustration of longing for…someone or something, as it may be. And like with Dacus and Sofia, band mastermind Lindsey Jordan’s lyrics can work as stand-alone poetry. She isn’t just a master guitar virtuoso, but a masterful wordsmith as well. Summer just got a whole lotta new cool.

Swirl in the white evening sun
Tell me that I’m the only one
And I hope I never get a clue
Green eyes, I don’t know what to do

And I hope whoever it is
Holds their breath around you
‘Cause I know I did

And otherwise
If only sometimes
Would you give it up, green eyes?

Passing phases wear you thin
Same old world that you’ve been sleeping in
And I hope it never spends you up
Green eyes, what could ever be enough?

“Heat Wave” is from the new album Lush via Matador Records.


Lindsey Jordan w/ Alex Bass (bass) – Ray Brown (drums)

website / instagram


Director, DP, Editor: Brandon Herman
Assistant Producer: Lys Riganti
Skating Camera Op: Patrick O’Donnell
Production Assistant: Cameron Williams
Special Effects Makeup: Rian Fossett

John Hettchen
Brittany Klein
Susan Lee

Special thanks to:
Tom Hendrix at The Gardens Ice House
Russell de Ocampo at The Windup Space

Directed by Brandon Herman


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