Lily Allen no shame
10. June 2018 By Walter Price 0

In Her Own Words: Lily Allen on calling her new album ‘No Shame’

LilyAllen – ‘No Shame’ is available on iTunes.

Lily Allen no shame


“What I’ve heard back from people with this record is it’s very confessional and honest and gritty. People are like, ‘Why would you want to reveal so much of yourself?’ But actually, for the last 10 years, people have tried really hard to reveal the most intimate details of my life without permission. So maybe this is me taking ownership of my narrative and presenting it in musical form. I’ve got no control over what people are going to say about me, so I might as well try and get the truth across in the only way I can, which is music.”



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Video directed by Myles Whittingham

The quote comes from the Nick Levine interview for NME.


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