19. September 2013 By Walter Price 0

Black Joe Lewis Will Shake You

Are you in the mood for some nicely polished music to pass the day with? 

Black Joe LewisElectric Slave is NOT what you desired. So, please, move along. 

No, what you get on BJL’s latest smorgasbord of sound is low slung Rock N’ Roll infused with funk, R&B, blues and a splash of punk ethics. Not an ounce of fancy-pancy high cost production tricks here. Just powerful, in-your-skull beats and guitar licks that want to slap your pretty face and then kiss it to make it feel better. Oh, and the horns section! 

Simply, this album will shake you…

Austin based Lewis and his band have made a record that defies conventional rock wisdom and will, most likely, be considered his and their best effort to date. We’ll see if we can get The Rockzilla of reviews, Alle Royale, to give it a proper going over very soon. 

I just wanted to say that Electric Slave, is now on the my list of best albums released, so far, this year. 

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