19. September 2013 By Walter Price 0

Pop Isn’t Country: Meet Rick Trevino

How can an artist chart 14 songs on the Billboard Hot Country rankings, record several top-notch studio albums over the past 20+ years and still be on the cusp of super-stardom? Well, it has to do with geography and your perception of success really.

Rick Trevino is a superstar artist in the great country state of Texas. A family man who always seems to be true to his craft as well as God, his family and his adoring fans. Mr. Trevino is about as authentic as your going to get.

I’m thinking that the best decision Trevino ever made was to learn Spanish and then record in both English and Spanish. I grew up on Freddy Fender’s voice coming from my Mother’s vinyls and the radio in that old dodge we had and Rick seemed to fill that void later on in my twenties. I know, early on, he had some worries about recording in Spanish and being perceived as a Tejano trying to do country. Now one could say that this blend is part of what makes Rick, Rick Trevino.

I won’t write his entire history here, please look it up, I just wanted you to get to know his name. It is a name that represents what the Texas sound is and should be.

Rick has seen all the ridiculousness of the music business and still makes it his goal to write and record honest music for our eager ears.So if your looking for that distinctive Texas sound for this weekend’s festivities, look no further than Austin, TX native Rick Trevino.

GTC Recommends: ‘Dos Mundos’ (’93), ‘Rick Trevino’ (’94), ‘In My Dreams’ (’03) and ‘Whole Town Blues’ (’11)

As a side-note, for the past 15 or so years I have always thought that Rick should record an album called “I Am The True American Texan Mexican Troubadour” … Or something like that, Just a thought.

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