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Your GTC Top 5 Stories: 20 September 2013

We are so clever over here….

Hello And Happy Friday Friends!

Here are your GTC Top 5  Stories for 20 September 2013

The past couple of days have seen a bit of a shake-up over here at The GTC Top 5 Stories…JT Coldfire slipped out of the rankings and two power house rock acts are in a good-time battle!

We are taking a close look at the goings on between interviews by Mammoth Mammoth Small Jackets. there is just a couple hundred reads separating the Aussies & Italians at this point and we love a friendly battle! 

You can join in on our ‘just for fun‘ (and certainly low-tech) vote by clicking HERE!

Your GTC Top 5

  1. MAMMOTH MAMMOTH Are Sittin’ Pretty (NSFW)
  2. SMALL JACKETS, Big Balls…Of Rock N’ Roll!
  3. Young Rebel Set To Take Their Crocodile On Tour
  4. Black Joe Lewis Will Shake You
  5. Drive-By Truckers: Alabama Ass Whuppin’
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