20. September 2013 By Walter Price 0

The New Roses Have The Rock!

‘Without A Trace’
Out Now
You would like to think that if you, almost instantly, could tell a band’s influences they could be considered a glorified cover band of sorts.

We know of a stellar band called The New Roses that will destroy such notions after one listen to their recently released, rocktastic, debut album Without A Trace! 

Not only do The New Roses have one of the best band names they back it up with Rock N’ Roll that has 40 years of music history all wrapped up into one tight band straight outta Deutschland. 

Without A Trace kicks off with “Devil’s Toys'” and grabs you by the throat and keeps a firm hold through tracks like “Still Got My Rock N’ Roll”, “Gimme Your Love” & “Whiskey Nightmare” …then you are hooked man! 

The GTC hopes to have a full album review and interview with the band in the near future so please check back. We predict The New Roses will be rock gods by the time they are done with this album!  

Please check out their German tour dates HERE!

The New Roses on Facebook, click HERE!

Outside of Germany, start to contact your favorite clubs, venues and get this band in your town!