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Stoney LaRue: Red Dirt King

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There are a lot of things one could say about Texas Red Dirt king Stoney LaRue

We’ll tell you that this singer/songwriter and master of the touring circuit is one of the most consistent artists working today. By this I mean, when he does something he does it for real, no half-assed attempt to make a few bucks by tossing album after album out to the masses or one hour sets and off to the next town. 

LaRue gives respect to his craft, other artists and the fans who have fallen for his ‘real-deal’ presence. 

Stoney LaRue shines no matter his role in the music world…writing and recording his own albums, singing back up for Miranda Lambert, writing songs for other artists, playing over 200 shows a year or raising money for charity via his foundation, RidinFor A Reason

All of Stoney’s releases have been a ‘must have’ in any record collection but truly recommend his 2011 album Velvet. This will get you started down a lifelong musical relationship with the King of the Texas Red Dirt sound!

“I’m a big fan of looking up at night to what’s out there– and there are a lot of questions that come along with that,” …. “I’d like to think I understand myself – and the world I live in. I’m a father. I’m a husband. I’m a friend. I’m an asshole sometimes – even though I don’t wanna be. I’m a seeker. I’m a player. Maybe, too, I’m trying to figure out how to share something with people that will draw them deeper into who they are, the way music does for me.” – Stoney LaRue (Official Bio)

The point of all this is to simply to get you know the name Stoney LaRue and a bit of his music in the hopes you’ll discover the talent this artist possess. 

He is already a go-to star in and around Texas and we hope he can do the same in Europe.

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Europe needs more Honky Tonks!