21. September 2013 By Walter Price 0

Do I Hear The Ten Benson…

‘Benson Burner’

The GTC recently asked: “Whatever have the UK’s psycho-billy swamp rockers Ten Benson been up to these past few years?”

Grand news! After a month long interview, via email exchange, we will have a very exclusive interview with Ten Benson mastermind, Chris Teckkam…wait for it…Tomorrow! (22 September 2013)

Probably the most brilliant, if not mysterious, rocker we’ve personally known and, eventually, were able to squeeze words out of. You don’t have to be a fan of the hard rock offerings of TB to be intrigued by what Chris has to say. 

So check back here tomorrow or wait until we excessively promote it on Facebook! You will not want to miss this!

“Ten Benson actually played in Leipzig(Germany) a few years back, all I can remember was it was in some kinda medieval looking dungeon in what seemed to be a fort or castle in the middle of town, and that after the gig we gatecrashed a party being held by some TV company, got hammered on free drink and danced like a bunch of Muppets.” -Chris Teckkam (The GTC)

“We’ve slipped in under the fence on a few occasions, and it’s great fun hearing our stuff squealing next to some nauseating song that got conceived in a boardroom, or wriggling like a cut worm in the shadow of a monster like Bowie or Queen…” – Chris Teckkam (explaining past Ten Benson radio airplay to The GTC)