Amy Ellen Free
1. May 2023 By Walter Price 0

…how it feels, AMY ELLEN Free

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Amy Ellen Free

by Walter Price

With a move to France and a new single, “Free”, one of current music’s top songwriters returns, and its pure Amy Ellen through and through. With the single’s post-punk jangle and Ellen’s signature of the elements vocals, this track is a timeless ode to embracing, well, freedom. And with all the turmoil ever proliferating our minds, what a punctual message.

Speaking to  The Goo, Ellen says of the new release, “Every time I release a new track I’m revealing another part of myself.” On Spotify, “Free” is backed with two other familiar tracks, the dreamy retro pop “Day Dreamin’” and 90s-vibed alt-rocker “Falling” that’ll not only delight her growing fanbase but cements the fact that Ellen can not and will not be easily categorized. And her quest to be true to herself and to share herself with said fans is an ongoing journey and we’re glad to go along for the ride.

Here at the GTC, you can stream “Free” as well as the bonus songs.


Day Dreamin’ + Falling

Artist photo by Scarlet Short // Artwork by Axel McDonald // Quote via The Goo

Written and produced by Amy Ellen and Axel McDonald

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