jenny lewis psychos
28. April 2023 By Walter Price 0

…a rock-and-roll disciple, JENNY LEWIS Psychos [Single]

Jenny Lewis Psychos [Joy’All LP] is available on Blue Note Records, Tidal, Apple Music

Jenny Lewis Psychos

by Walter Price

Jenny Lewis has traveled many of the windiest roads throughout her career. In my opinion, like fine Burgundy, she only gets better with every incarnation along her journey. And her latest single, “Pyscos”, feels like an ode, of sorts, to her rocknroll dreams coming from youthful exuberance to full fruition.

Joining up with seminal studio wizard Dave Cobb, a guy who knows how to let a song breathe its truths, “Psychos” echoes the 1970s moonglow and stardust soul that populated radio during that era. And with lines like, “Life goes in cycles/ It’s a merry go round/ I’ve been working off that juju/ From my hometown/ I am a rebel/ All American made/ Jesus Christ and the Devil/ Yin and Yang…” and “I’m not a psycho/ I’m just tryna get laid/ I’m a rock-and-roll disciple/ In a video game/ Turn down the treble/ Drop the bass/ Respect to your guru/ Namaste, yeah…”, Lewis truly respects her earnest journey from small-town girl to one of the most respected songwriters working today. And, mostly, on her own terms. You can’t take away the essence of someone’s soul and Jenny Lewis continues to prove just that.

“Psychos” is from the forthcoming LP, “Joy’All’ via Blue Note Records and is expected to drop on June 9, 2023. As you pop over to your fave platform to pre-order/save, give the soft dazzle single a spin, here at the GTC.


Artist photo via Facebook // Press quote and artwork via Blue Note Records

Written and performed by Jenny Lewis
Produced by Dave Cobb

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While Joy’All pulls from a bounty of sonic inspiration–from classic soul to ‘90s R&B, as well as country and classic singer-songwriter records–the album’s rich and intimate, warm live sound is the hallmark of eight-time GRAMMY-winning producer Dave Cobb.” – Blue Note Records

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