Mister Rabbit
27. April 2023 By Walter Price 0

…keep wondering, MISTER RABBIT Subtle Tribute

Mister Rabbit End Of History Illusion is available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Tidal

Mister Rabbit

by Walter Price

For fans of the heyday of bar rock blaring out of your college boombox, the recent album ‘End Of History Illusion‘ by Canadian rocknrollers Mister Rabbit will transport you back in time. A time when seminal acts like The Afghan Whigs, Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Wallflowers, and The Walkabouts soundtracked your youthful shenanigans. Oh, the memories.

And speaking of memories, the lead track from the album “Subtle Tribute” is a fine place to get started in on this solid 11-track set. In a quote provided to the GTC, the Ontario outfit’s Jeff van Helvoort speaks to the single’s backstory, “Subtle Tribute” is a song about wanting to be wanted and how important that simple fact can be to people’s self-worth. I spent a lot of time throughout my teens & twenties trying to deal with unrequited love and I wrote this song when I was in search of that. The song itself is a nod to the musicians we came before us, and we still admire – hence the title, “Subtle Tribute.”

All comparisons aside, ‘End Of History Illusion’ not only has a nostalgic vibe throughout, but it’s a damn good driving with the windows down and the LP cranked way up experience as well, soundtracking new memories along the way. Give it a spin, you can test drive the single “Subtle Tribute” here at the GTC.

MISTER RABBIT Subtle Tribute

Artwork, band photo, and quotes courtesy of Auteur Research

Mister Rabbit are Mitch Clark, Sean Smith, Jeff van Helvoort

Produced by: Jeff Mcmurrich
Engineered by: Matt Snell
Mixed by: Peter van Helvoort
Mastered by: Peter Letros
Layout by: Mitch Clark
Photo by: Jeff van Helvoort
Logo by: Ryan Kennedy

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As much as this is a personal record for me – as I’m telling a lot of my own stories – during the pandemic I had a mindset shift to try and tell stories that were not completely focused on my perspective. I wanted to try and compassionately tell others’ stories while keeping a connection to myself, and I hope that comes through and connects with our listeners.” – Jeff van Helvoort

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