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ALLEN LANIER 1946-2013


By Alle Royale

This is a sad morning for rock’n’roll, Blue Oyster Cult’ official page reported about the death of Allen Lanier (1946-2013) As an historical and integral part of one of the most creative hard rock unit, America has ever produced, Allen Lanier achieved and deserves his place in the rock’n’roll hall of eternal fame and gratitude. Long live Allen Lanier’s memory through his music.

This Is part of what Blue Oyster Cult had to say on their official website:

Allen succumbed to complications from C.O.P.D. 

He is survived by his wife Dory, sister Mary Anne and mother Martha.

Although he retired from touring in 2006 Allen returned to the stage for what turned out to be his final appearance, reuniting with BÖC at the 40th Anniversary show in New York this past November.   BÖC