JOY AUTUMN Come As You Are - A Tribute To Nirvana In Olympia
27. May 2023 By Walter Price 0

JOY AUTUMN Come As You Are – A Tribute To Nirvana In Olympia

Come As You AreA Tribute To Nirvana In Olympia is available on Spotify, Bandcamp,

A Tribute To Nirvana In Olympia

by Walter Price

If you’re a Nirvana fan, particularly a devotee to the cerebral songwriting of Kurt Cobain, then you’ve no doubt heard at least one of the beautifully orchestrated cover songs by Olympia, Washington artist Joy Autumn. And if you have not, you’re in for an atmospheric treat.

Autumn has taken her affection for her favorite songwriter and lovingly transformed some of his most endearing and seminal tracks into earthy, at times haunting, and thoroughly lush odes that’ll transcend any garage band’s attempts to pay tribute (with all due respect to you rocknrollers, of course). Culminating in a gorgeous EP titled, “Come As You Are – A Tribute To Nirvana In Olympia”.

In Bloom
All Apologies
Pennyroyal Tea
Come As You Are
Something In The Way

Via Bandcamp, Autumn says of the tribute album, “This album is an homage to my local songwriting hero, Kurt Cobain. I grew up in Olympia, Washington, and Nirvana’s music inspired my belief that anyone from anywhere–even a rainy, small-town can rock out and achieve their dreams.”

If you love to escape into the weighty world of Cobain’s writing, then without any hesitation I’m confident you’ll come to cherish the reimagined beauty Autumn and co-producer Anton Patzner have conjured up on this indelible EP.

You can (sneak peek) stream the exceptional “Come As You Are – A Tribute To Nirvana In Olympia” in full, here at the GTC.

JOY AUTUMN Come As You Are – A Tribute To Nirvana In Olympia

Artist photo via Facebook // Track listing, quote, and artwork via Bandcamp

Produced by Joy Autumn and Anton Patzner
Piano, Guitars, and Vocals by Joy Autumn
Strings by Anton Patzner
Mixed by Ethan Carlson
Mastered by Berlin Mastering
Photo by Katrina Manaligod
Songs by Kurt Cobain

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I’ve learned that I don’t need to have an extreme relationship or do extreme things to feel content. I can be happy with and inspired by a simple life.” – Joy Autumn

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