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29. May 2023 By Walter Price 0

…where the time went, MEREDITH LANE Stranger

Meredith Lane Stranger is available on American Standard Time, Apple Music,

Meredith Lane

by Walter Price

It’s been some time since Jewel, Shawn Colvin, and Tracy Chapman dominated college and mainstream radio, alas, if you’re looking for an heir apparent, look no further than Nashville-based singer-songwriter Meredith Lane and her recent single, “Stranger”.

Airy and tactile, this raw track lets Lane’s words breathe and give way to the weightiness to sink in. But, for me, the magic is when Lane goes gutturally deep so that her higher register can punctuate the vibe. The kind of vocal dexterity that made the before mentioned folk-pop superstars resonate with legends of fans over the years.

Storytelling is a tricky arena, as is having the kind of voice that feels as timeless as it is of the now and Meredith Lane and this single seem to have found the nearly unachievable balance. Hear for yourself, you can stream “Stranger”, here at the GTC.


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“Meredith Lane is an Alt Rock and folk artist who grew up playing music near the mountains of Joseph Oregon. She is known for her genre jumping tunes, soulful voice, and heartfelt lyrics. Although she travels quite often, her home is currently based in Nashville Tennessee where she continues to work at her musical career.” – bio

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