letters from london
30. May 2023 By Walter Price 0

…gonna make you proud, MAZE Letters from London

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Letters from London

by Walter Price

Brit-Pop has had many incarnations over the decades, mostly super polished seminal albums come to mind, but if you’re in the mood for something slightly rawer and with a more neighborhood pub vibe and chock-full of smiles throughout, M.A.Z.E.’s EP “Letters from London” is going to schmooze the hell out of your beer in hand and best mates close by sensibilities.

While this 5-track album may conjure up thoughts of your fave Brit-pop bands like Oasis and perhaps Ocean Colour Scene and even a smidge of early The Cult in spots, there’s something more tactile going here. A community vibe, if you will. Bottomline, endearing and FUN.

We all cheer for the underdog, and in a vast sea of releases, give “Letters from London” a go. I can earnestly attest it’s a hidden gem worth jamming at top volume.

MAZE Letters from London

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Songs by M.A.Z.E. // Step Too Soon w/ Dean Mumford

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