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Your GTC Weekly Top Ten: 16 – 22 June 2014

Hey, anybody seen last week laying around…I know we left it around here someplace…
First things first, thanks to North Carolina’s great be the moon for stopping by for a chat about their contributions in the alt-country/rock/pop arenas. We wish you well! If you haven’t checked out their sounds yet, whatcha waitin’ for
Last week we also learned that when Alle Royale speaks metal people listen, The Harpoonist & The Axe Murder could cause you to toss your hips around,, Foo Fighters are really a part-time covers band, there may or may not be ethics in the indie music business, Paul McCartney and Kris Kristofferson done got older and wiser, the world should buy more Willie Nelson albums, the ’50 Worst’ albums isn’t anything new, The Kooks still think someone cares, Gibson knows how to pick’em and Kanye is still a massive media douche-nozzle. 
How was your week?
As we love to do with love  and hearts in our bloodshot eyes, Thank You for stopping by this past week to check out all the whatnots going on over here at the ole GTC. We Truly Dig You, Cheers!
Now, let us have a gander at what was read, clicked on or distributed by a alien worshiping deathcult the most last week. (We really had no idea about that last one until it was too late…Sorry for any inconvenience.)
Your GTC Weekly Top 10 Links
  1. Hot Metal Injection.
  2. Gibson Picks 10 Great Sessions Guitarists.
  3. Review: Willie Nelson – ‘Band Of Brothers’.
  4. be the moon.
  5. Ethics In Indie Music Business.
  6. Things You Can Buy Today 17 June 2014.
  7. 50 Worst Albums?!.
  8. Turin Brakes: Umbrellas Can be A Problem.
  9. It Isn’t Brad’s Fault.
  10. Side By Side.

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  8. Poland
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  10. Russia
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