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Jimmy C. Newman

By Walter Price

August 29, 1927 – June 21, 2014
Jimmy Yves Newman may not be a household name or come to mind as an influential figure in music but both he should.
A pioneering artist who took his home state of Louisiana’s Cajun music and his growing interest of country in a sweet blend that would resonate with millions over the years first with his Lake Charles, LA NBC TV program and then the subsequent near 40 charted hits over the years Jimmy C. Newman was a name you got to know well growing up in Texas.
Becoming fixture on the Louisiana Hayride, a member of the famed Grand Ole Opry in 1956 (the first Cajun artist), was also a member of the North American Country Music Association’s International Hall of Fame  and Cajun Hall of Fame as well.
“His role became the Cajun fellow at the Opry. But if you go back to his 1950s recordings of ‘Cry, Cry, Darling’ and ‘Seasons Of My Heart,’ you’ll witness a country music architect at work. He was a brilliant singer, a brilliant designer of country music.” – Marty Stuart
Not bad for a man coming from Mamou, Louisiana; little spot on the map known more for its cotton than its music. 
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Here are five great tracks that made their mark in music history. Thank You Jimmy C. Newman…
Jimmy C. Newman: Website.
“Cry, Cry Darling” (1953)
“Alligator Man” (1961
“Boo-Dan” (1969)
 “A Fallen Star” (1957)
“Daydreamin” (1955)
More Than Just Swamp Songs…