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Your GTC Top Ten For The Week 14-20 October 2013

‘Gracie And The Atom’Available Now

Happy Monday Friends Of The GTC!

Wow, we just ended one of the most interesting weeks we’ve seen in our short but growing history…

A very good week for GTC favorites Neal CasalWarm Soda Brian Milson as they all held onto strong positions in the Top Ten!

We are ecstatic to see multifaceted GTC newcomer Christine McKinley hit the top spot and dynamic indie pop duo Lovers Electric make a grand impression with you guys…Dig It!

We would like to point out something that took us by complete surprise. We had no idea that a new-ish metal band out of Scotland would resonate so strongly with you. So, we’d like to say “Way To Go Driller!”…

As always, a very HUGE THANK YOU to you for stopping by to see what we had going on! Much Love!!!

Please check back with us all week,we have some very cool things coming up!

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