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“And though you’ll often find Lemmy, Campbell, and Dee operating here as a single streamlined entity, skillful arrangements ensure that the listener appreciates the component parts of this classic power trio. Check out how the players enter one-by-one at the beginning of “Death Machine”, spotlighting the mesmerizing bluster of Lemmy’s distorted bass. Meanwhile, the main attraction, the frontman’s inimitable gravelly gargle, sounds as visceral as ever. On tracks like the speed-freak anthem “End of Time”, his delivery seems like a physical paradox, raising the question of how such a brutally weathered instrument can retain such a high degree of melodic precision.” – Hank Shteamer (Pitchfork.com)
“Fade Away” is first and foremost a continuation of Best Coast’s surf-pop groove, heavily featuring catchy guitar melodies, clapping rhythms on the snare drum, and lyrics siphoned out of a middle school diary. Of course, lyrical proficiency was never the forte of a band whose critically acclaimed debut album opens its title track with the offensively simple rhyme scheme “You drive me crazy, but I love you / You make me lazy, but I love you.” Instead, the draw of “Crazy For You” was the amazing simplicity of the two-chord, surf’s-up rock—this was an album that seemed to be written specifically for the band’s “best coast, west coast” adage.” – SE-HO B. KIM (thecrimson.com)
“Yeah, Dig It!” – Walter Price (The GTC)

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