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Joan Jett’s Essentials

By Walter Price

If you know the history or even a vague knowledge of the history of Joan Jett you’ll know that she (along with her Blackhearts) have made relatively few social and/or professional missteps.

This is not to say her career, starting in the mid 70’s with The Runaways up to today, hasn’t seen some dicey decisions or public criticism. It’s to say that if you had a music career like Joan Jett you’d be a bad mothertrucker, you get the point.

Joan Jett is and will always be as cool as is her bare bone Rock N’ Roll! (including the pop stuff, ya’ll)

Jett recently released her new album Unvarnished and it finds Jett & The Blackhearts in wonderfully familiar striped-down places. Mixing her take on glam, punk and roadhouse biker rock with just enough pop sensibilities sneaking in, on a couple tracks, to please radio and mainstream radio doesn’t seem to dig it. Oh, well, The Queen of Rock N’ Roll will survive like she always has. It’s been my opinion for years that real rockers could care less about radio and critics anyhow. 

We’ll see if we can get our trusty album reviewer, Alle Royale, to give it a proper review!

The reason I started all this was because of a bit she did with Gibson.com, simply titled Joan Jett10 Essential Albums. I found myself gleefully agreeing with her on most of her choices. 

Here is some of her album must haves:

10) David Bowie – ‘Diamond Dogs’
9) Social Distortion – ‘Social Distortion’
6) T-Rex – ‘Electric Warrior’
5) Ramones – ‘Ramones’
2) Sex Pistols – ‘Never Mind the Bullocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols

Check out the full list on Gibson.com, here! It’s nearly spot-on!

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